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NOTE: A License Keys Manager is available, to let you resell this software easily with license keys, send me a message if you want it.

Social Bot – Instagram and Twitter Bot is the perfect automation tool if you want to increase your followers and your popularity, also perfect for Instagram and Twitter Marketers.
This application will
automatically create activity on your account: it will follow and unfollow people from specific hashtags, it will like and comment posts, and also retweet!
It is really easy to use, you will start to
increase your number of followers just few minutes after installation. This Bot doesn’t use Instagram or Twitter API so it is not detected* by Instagram or Twitter, it controls the web browser to perform user’s actions,
acting like a real human.
You can start using this application within few clicks without any knowledge, you can also change the configuration to boost your followers faster.

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    • Easy to use, easy login, easy to configure
    • Manage unlimited accounts at the same time
    • Unlimited Like / Retweet (up to Twitter limits)
    • Unlimited Follow / Like / Comment / Unfollow (up to Instagram limits)
    • Headless mode available, invisible web browser
    • Proxy support (http, https, socks4 and socks5), you can set a different proxy for each account
    • Compatible with Google Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge, Brave, CCleaner Browser and Vivaldi
    • Multi-Session (you can use it with multiple accounts at the same time)
    • Multi-Platform (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)
    • 2FA login
    • Auto detect if you reached Instagram limit, and wait few hours before the next action
    • Save and load your configurations automatically
    • Automatically stops when you reached the limit you set
    • Automatically save the accounts requested and do not request them again
    • Real time logs (you know what the Bot is doing)
    • Real time Likes / Comment / Follow / Unfollow / Tweet / Retweet counts
    • Instagram modes:
      • Like posts from hashtags (Mode A.): Like 10-20 photos of a random hashtag from your hashtags, wait 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
      • Like posts from hashtags (Mode B.): Like X posts from your hashtags per day, wait the same amount of time between each like.
      • Likes posts of users from hashtags: Like 10-20 posts of the accounts from your hashtags, wait 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
      • Like posts of followers from account: Like 10-20 posts of the followers of the targeted account, wait 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
      • Comment posts from hashtags: Comment 10-20 photos from your hashtags, wait 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
      • Follow accounts from hashtags: Follow 10-20 accounts from hashtags, wait 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
      • Follow followers of accounts: Follow X followers of the selected accounts, wait 1-2 minutes per follow, wait 15-20 minutes every 10-20 follow.
      • Unfollow your following: Unfollow X accounts from your following, wait 1-2 minutes per unfollow, wait 15-20 minutes every 10-20 unfollow.
    • Twitter modes:
      • Random Likes (Realistic): Like 10-20 tweets from the hashtags list, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
      • Random Retweets (Realistic): Retweet 10-20 tweets from the hashtags list, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
      • Like user(s) tweets: Like 10-20 tweets from the users list, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat.
      • Retweet user(s) tweets: Retweet 10-20 tweets from the users list, sleep 15-20 minutes, then repeat.


  • For all the modes, when it reaches your daily limit, the Bot will sleep for a day (~24h).





Watch “Video Preview”, but if you prefer text explanations:

  1. Start Social Bot app, choose the bot: Instagram Bot or Twitter Bot
  2. Enter your username and password, choose the mode you want, then set the values
  3. Then click on “START”! Click on “LOGS” if you want to check the status of the bot.

Then you can enjoy the show! Easy right? You can change all the settings, but be careful with Instagram and Twitter limits, follow the recommendations.


Easy installation in few clicks!

  • Windows: No installation needed, just launch the .exe file
  • Mac: Install the .dmg file and launch the app
  • Linux: Install the .deb or the .rpm file and launch the app



  • The executable files for Windows (.exe 64bit & 32bit, compatible with Windows 7 and above) / Mac (.dmg) / Linux (.deb and .rpm)
  • Documentation with rules to get the best results
  • One license key allowing you to install the software up to 3 uses or instances, if you need more, contact me
  • 6 months support for free by email, not in the comments





Please read the documentation first.
Send me an EMAIL for any support request after your purchase, DO NOT POST A COMMENT.

For other enquiries, you can also send me an email or just post a comment on the item’s page.
You can find my email in the documentation or on the newsletter.
If a feature doesn’t work, I will fix it as soon as possible.



  • *This application is not detected by Instagram or Twitter if you respect your daily limit.
  • This extension or software is not associated with Instagram, Twitter or any social networks.
  • I’m not responsible of the use you make of this extension, if you get banned, it is your own responsibility.
  • You are free to change all the settings but I advice you to stay below the daily limits.
  • Any major modification of Instagram or Twitter website platform may affect the software features, I will try to fix those as fast as possible.
  • You cannot sell or distribute this extension or software with the “Regular License”, commercial purposes please contact me.



1.6.5 – 17-09-2021

- Fix some bot errors

1.6.4 – 12-08-2021

- AES 256 bits encryption for saved cookies and passwords
- New button to reset software/data
- Cookies saved to prevent suspicious login activity
- Number of tweets before sleep
- Sleep time in minutes
- Get lastest tweets instead of top

1.5.75 – 17-03-2021

- Like/Retweet the selected tweet (and not the main one)
- Hide cookie's footer automatically
- Retweet with and without popup
- Increased waiting time between Follow/Unfollow request
- Added waiting time if the software thinks you are silently temporary limited (Follow target/Unfollow your following modes)
- Accept cookies automatically
- 2FA login improved

1.5.5 – 11-09-2020

- Fix 2FA login
- 2 new modes: "Like user(s) tweets" and "Retweet user(s) tweets" 
- Add database of previously followed accounts
- New settings for Follow and Unfollow modes: "Number of actions per day" & "Max follow/unfollow" 

1.5.4 – 30-07-2020

- Add click on popup "hidden replies" from author
- Add new limits: daily limit and total limit
- Save the accounts requested and do not request them again
- Fix unfollow mode
- Add more sleep time between comments

1.5.3 – 26-06-2020

- Unfollow fix

1.5.26 – 09-06-2020

- Proxy fix

1.5.25 – 02-06-2020

- Small fixes

1.5.23 – 29-05-2020

- Unfollow loading accounts and error management improved
- Time to enter your 2FA increased (60 sec)

1.5.2 – 26-05-2020

- More understandable logs
- Fix some sleep times

1.5.0 – 23-05-2020

- Debug Twitter login (for some browser)
- New logs page, with all the running bots
- Bot slightly faster (but still safe)
- New feature: Follow accounts from hashtags
- New feature: Follow accounts from hashtags


- New feature: Unfollow your Following
- Compatible with Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi web browsers


  - Comment mode bug fixed
- Email input for support


- New theme
- Proxy feature
- New modes
- Likes / Follow count

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